Therapeutic Tip Tuesday: Choices

Isn’t it funny when you hear someone retell a story there is always a phrase like, “I had to.”, “He made me.”, and “I had no choice”? Well it may not be funny but it is rather odd that someone says those phrases and really means it. The truth is that those phrases are actually false; you do have a choice. Which brings me to today’s therapeutic tip, choices.

Everyone has choices and everyone chooses to make a choice. The scary thing about some choices are the consequences of them. So in actuality when you say you don’t have a choice you are really saying that you don’t want to know the unknown consequence. Here are a few tips about choices.

1. You have them so use them.

2. To make a sound choice look at the possible outcomes that may arise and which ones are more desirable than others.

3. It doesn’t hurt to sleep on a choice that you need to make; impulse calls for improvement.

4. Empower yourself to make more choices.

5. Remember that you are responsible for the choices you make and how you react to other’s choices.

There it is your weekly dose of therapeutic knowledge for free. Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only.

Are you kidding me Monday: 12/26/11

Hey there! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. I know I did. Here is your weekly dose of are you kidding me; holiday style:

  1.     Children who get mad at their parents for not telling Santa the right items to get from their list. Are you kidding me?!
  2.     A child leaves a slab of ribs for Santa instead of cookies and milk because he says that Santa is changing it up this year. Are you kidding me?!
  3.     Narcissistic parents that tell their children that there is no Santa just to get the focus on them buying the gifts.  Are you kidding me?!
  4.      Going to four different houses on Christmas and eating a FULL plate of food at each one. Are you kidding me?!
  5.      People who are invited to Ugly Sweater parties because they dress in costume the who month of December.  Are you kidding me?!
  6.      Children who are afraid to go to sleep the night after Christmas because they know that an old man has been in their home yelling obscenities to their mother! Are you kidding me?!
  7.      Parents who started their Christmas shopping so early in the year that they forgot where they hid the gifts. Are you kidding me?!


So there it is. Your weekly dose of Are You Kidding Me! See you next week!

5 Fast Tips Friday: Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Here are your 5 quick tips for last minute shopping for all you procrastinators.

  1. Make a list and check it twice! You must know whom you are buying for, the amount you want to spend and what type of gift you are looking for.
  2. Choose 2 to 3 stores where you will shop for the gifts. This will take less time.
  3. Gift cards are always easy and nice. If you want to personalize it bake some cookies or buy some cookies to go with it.
  4. Free gift wrapping. Have your gifts wrapped by the free gift wrappers in the mall. That will save you time as well.
  5. Give family gifts instead of gifts to individual family members. Games and movies always make good family gifts. You could even put together a basket.

So there you have it. Your 5 fast tips. Now get off the internet and finish up that shopping!

A Picture Tells it All Thursday: My Daughter Symone

Here are pictures of my 7 year old daughter, Symone at different times playing on my ipad. She is my first born and a little Miss Diva. She can be sweet, silly and sassy all at the same time! She’s too cute…..I guess!






The Dos and Don’ts of Double Dating

My fiancé and I don’t double date much because we have children, we work demanding jobs and we really only have one night a week to be together with no work involved and we really don’t want to spend it with another couple.
When we do double date however we have a great time. Some of the things that I have seen during past double dates prompted me to write this post. So here are the dos and don’ts of double dating.
Let’s start with the don’ts first.
1.       Don’t talk about yourself the entire time.
2.       Don’t ask a bunch of questions of the other couple like a firing squad.
3.       Don’t talk about other couples that are in your inner circle. It’s tacky.
4.       Don’t spend the whole time complaining. No one wants to listen to someone  talking about how bad work is, how mean your family is or how crazy your kids are.
5.       Don’t share any news that you haven’t shared with your significant other during a double date. You don’t know how they will respond about your news.
Now on to the Dos.
1.       Do arrive on time.
2.       Do make sure both couples are in agreement of the type of date you all are going to have.
3.       Do have interesting conversation with your dating couple.
4.       Do think about the other couples obligations outside 0of this date. If they have children remember that they have to get home at a reasonable time.
5.       Do offer to pay for the other couple if you are the ones that set the double date up.
So there you have it. You got 5 don’ts and 5 dos. Remember these tips on your next double date. Happy Dating!

Therapeutic Tip Tuesday: Responsibility

I often find that clients want to spend their time is session blaming 0thers for most or even all of their issues. When confronted with the question of what part they play in the situation they are confused or sometimes even offended. But once they realize what part they play and take responsibility for that part they are able to start formulating their solution.

Here are your tips about taking responsibility:

1. The parts of a situation that you can control (what you say and do) are usually what is your responsibility.

2. What you cannot control is usually not your responsibility. Ok, duh.

3. You can only be responsible for yourself; no one else.

If you would like to discuss this further please comment on this post or locate a local therapist in your area.

Come back for next weeks tip!

Are You Kidding Me Monday: 12/19/11

It has been a crazy week around here so here it is.

1. My daughter informed me that at school they call her Symonece because she sings like Beyonce. Are you kidding me?!

2. There are 20 people waiting in line at the grocery store and only 2 lanes are open. Are you kidding me?!

3. A local radio station said that there is a strip club that is giving away free lap dances if you bring in a new toy for their toy drive! Are you kidding me?!

4. According to Yahoo nearly 1 in 3 Young U.S. Adults have an arrest record.! Wow! Are you kidding me?!

5. People who eat while they are on the phone smacking their lips. Are you kidding me?!

6. Children who ask Santa for more gifts than the number of fingers and toes they have but can count on one hand the number of times they have been good this year! Are you kidding me?!

7.  People who complain about the crowds in the store but they are are also the ones who are Christmas shopping less than a week before Christmas! Are you kidding me?!

Tune in next week for your daily dose of Are you kidding me Monday.

Can Carpooling with Your Mate Enhance Your Relationship?

In today’s economy people may feel the need to carpool to save on gas, money and pollution. What people may not know is that it can enhance your relationship with your mate as well. With technology enhancements on the increase there has also been a decrease in oral communication between couples. Utilize this time to strengthen your relationship communication. Here are five ways to optimize car communication time:

  1. Plan out the meals.
  2. Discuss a dinner and movie and date night.
  3. Plan a trip
  4. Discuss each other’s positive qualities.
  5. Discuss the future goals for your family.

Remember this is supposed to be a light, fun and positive conversation. The communication is not intended to evoke negative responses in your partner; especially if you both are heading to work. So give it a try! Happy Trails and Tells!

5 Fast Tips Friday: Time Management

Each week I will post 5 quick and fast tips to go along with a particular topic. This week the topic is time management. You probably don’t have time to read this post, but please do! Here are you fast five tips:

1. Plan ahead of time. Use a calendar or planner.

2. Create a checklist and prioritize it.

3. Set deadlines for all tasks to be done. This includes small tasks like walking the dog if you have trouble remembering to do that.

4. Have some form of a reminder. I prefer the cell phone or a email calender.

5. Set all clocks ahead five to fifteen minutes ahead.

So there you have it. You got 5 quick tips that you can read about in under a minute. Happy Time Management!