From Cyber Day to Cyber Days

Cyber Monday is the best online shopping day of the year. After you get stuffed with food on Thanksgiving, shop till you drop at local stores on Friday and small businesses on Saturday Monday is your last great shopping day. Well nit any more. Many stores are extending their Cyber MonDAY to Cyber Monday through Sunday. Target (my favorite place to shop) has their Monday deals throughout the week. They have televisions, cameras and much more still on sale at the great Cyber Monday prices. So check them out at if you still have money left from all the other sales.

Are You Turkey Tired?








With the Thanksgiving celebrations now over are you still nibbling on turkey? Are you tired of eating that dreaded meal for the fourth day in a row? Well here are some meal variations for that leftover turkey.

1. Make turkey noodle soup – Perfect for the cold days ahead and it is a healthy meal too.

2. Turkey fried rice – Dice up the turkey and add rice, onion, egg and other fixins for a great treat. You can use your leftover ham as well.

3.  Turkey lunch – Put a turkey sandwich in your childs lunch for school.

4. Make a Turkey omlet – Dice up the turkey and make a tasty omlet for yourself or the hubby.

5. Turkey tacos – Just substitute the beef or chicken in your usual tacos for turkey (fried tukey is the best).

So now you have five meals instead of just 1. Enjoy!

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