Stay Checked Up!

I went to a new primary care physician (pcp) and I must say
that I was quite embarrassed. It was my first time seeing a pcp in about four
years. I see the obgyn, the dermatologist and the breast specialist regularly
but no pcp doctor. The biggest thing that I learned from the embarrassing
appointment was that I need to stay “checked up”. How can I empower my clients
to stay healthy if I don’t. Same thing goes for Ty and the kids. The doctor
today had to order so many tests because I had not seen the doctor in so long.
I am hoping that everything is ok with. So here are my tips about check-ups:

  1. Know your current medications and the
    dosages.  Either write them down or bring
    them along with you.
  2. Know the name and location of your other
    physicians in case the doctor wants to obtain your medical records.
  3. Arrive 15 minutes early for paperwork.
  4. Know the year of when you were diagnosed with
  5. Know your family history.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because this is
    YOUR health!

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Stacey is the creator of this blog. She started this in hopes to build a community of women that are wives, mommies and career women in todays society. Stacey resides in Florissant, Missouri with her husband Tyrone and their two children, Symone and Anthony.