Are You Kidding Me Monday: 12/19/11

It has been a crazy week around here so here it is.

1. My daughter informed me that at school they call her Symonece because she sings like Beyonce. Are you kidding me?!

2. There are 20 people waiting in line at the grocery store and only 2 lanes are open. Are you kidding me?!

3. A local radio station said that there is a strip club that is giving away free lap dances if you bring in a new toy for their toy drive! Are you kidding me?!

4. According to Yahoo nearly 1 in 3 Young U.S. Adults have an arrest record.! Wow! Are you kidding me?!

5. People who eat while they are on the phone smacking their lips. Are you kidding me?!

6. Children who ask Santa for more gifts than the number of fingers and toes they have but can count on one hand the number of times they have been good this year! Are you kidding me?!

7.  People who complain about the crowds in the store but they are are also the ones who are Christmas shopping less than a week before Christmas! Are you kidding me?!

Tune in next week for your daily dose of Are you kidding me Monday.

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