Therapeutic Tip Tuesday: Choices

Isn’t it funny when you hear someone retell a story there is always a phrase like, “I had to.”, “He made me.”, and “I had no choice”? Well it may not be funny but it is rather odd that someone says those phrases and really means it. The truth is that those phrases are actually false; you do have a choice. Which brings me to today’s therapeutic tip, choices.

Everyone has choices and everyone chooses to make a choice. The scary thing about some choices are the consequences of them. So in actuality when you say you don’t have a choice you are really saying that you don’t want to know the unknown consequence. Here are a few tips about choices.

1. You have them so use them.

2. To make a sound choice look at the possible outcomes that may arise and which ones are more desirable than others.

3. It doesn’t hurt to sleep on a choice that you need to make; impulse calls for improvement.

4. Empower yourself to make more choices.

5. Remember that you are responsible for the choices you make and how you react to other’s choices.

There it is your weekly dose of therapeutic knowledge for free. Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only.

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