Friday Fave: Carmel Apple Spice

Ever since I have fallen in love with carmel I have since been turned on to a new favorite that involves….CARMEL!! My friend Monica and I met up at Starbucks and I wanted a drink that was not coffee based since my doctor has me on a no coffee order. She suggested the Carmel Apple Spice. Little did I know that I would be starting an addiction that has me telling anyone that will listen I kid you not that this drink tastes like warm apple pie. I is AMAZING! The day after I tried my first one I bought two the next day.  The day after that I had to ask Starbucks how they made it. So now I have to share it with you all.

Ingredients you will need:

Apple juice

Starbucks syrup Cinnamon Dolce (You can purchase at your local Starbucks)

Whip cream

Caramel syrup (I like Hershey’s)


The food tools you will need:






    1.       Squirt 4 pumps of the Cinnamon Dolce syrup into your mug

    2.       Add apple juice until it reaches 3/4s of the cup full

    3.       Stir with a spoon to ensure that the two are blended well.

    4.       Heat the mug for about 2 minutes and every 30 seconds thereafter until you reach the desired heat level.

    5.       Add the whip cream in a circular motion to your desired amount.

    6.       Add the caramel in a circular motion until you reach the desired amount.

    7.       Enjoy!

So that’s it. You can stop by Starbucks to get you one on the way to work and you can make yourself one at home for a late night snack when Starbucks is closed. Gotta go. I think mine is ready!

10 Things to Remember for Last Minute Shopping

So, I don’t know about you all but I am a big procrastinator; especially during the holiday seasons. So, I thought that it would be fitting for me to inform you all about my Top Ten Tips for last minute holiday shopping.

1. Leave the people you like the least for last. The longer you wait to buy a gift the less thought you put into a gift.

2. Don’t be afraid to get a gift card and personalize it. You can attach it to a stuffed animal, money clip, or a bag of candy.

3. Know what stores that stay open late on Christmas Eve and are open on Christmas Day.

4. Shop at store that offer gift wrapping services. This helps cut down on your wrapping time.

5. Consider giving a 2 gift cards instead of just one to personalize it. Give a restaurant gift card and a movie gift card.         That’s like giving a couple the gift of dinner and a movie.

6. Have a detailed list of whom you need to buy for, what you are buying for them, and where you will buy it from. This will cut down on impulse buying at the store.

7. Plan a day off work to just shop for gifts.

8. Give the gift of good food by giving one of your best recipes and all the ingredients to create it. This way you will be able to purchase a gift at the grocery store along with your holiday food.

9. Make a gift basket of a variety of new items that you have previously purchased but never used.

10. If you are reading this on December 24, STOP. You have shopping to so GOODBYE!

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Getting to know this Modern Day Wife and Mom

Getting to know Stacey: 25 Things you don’t know about me.

In an effort to give my readers and followers further insight into who I am I thought I would give 25 things about me. So here they are.

My favorite food is chicken

I am highly allergic to all seafood (I can’t even walk past a fish fry). I have passed this allergy to both of my children.

I am a lover of scarves

I don’t like ugly attitudes

Before I became a therapist I wanted to become a nail technician

I love chocolate chip cookies

I love Hello Kitty ink pens

I love scouring the clearance isles

I am a very picky eater

I took dance lessons from the age of 3 to 18.

My husband and I met in college while I was a hall monitor. I busted him for a music violation.

I like to design t-shirts

I have eczema; which I have passed on to my son.

I have narcolepsy. I was diagnosed in 2005 after struggling to stay awake for so many years

I am very close to my parents

I have one sister named Heather.

I love family gatherings but I hate preparing for them.

I love fondue

I am 2 years older than my husband. He lets that be known often.

I like to sing in the shower, car and in my sleep.

I love going to Branson, Missouri for vacations. It is such a warm and cozy place to visit.

I am 30 years old

Arts and crafts are therapeutic to me.

I want to go to Hawaii someday.

My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias

Newlywed News: In This Game for Seven Months Now

It has been almost 8 months since I married my boo Tyrone. I can say that these last 8 months have been beautiful and trying all at the same time. Our family has had to battle illness and other obstacles but I can always say that I am blessed. With each passing day I am so happy to be married to my husband. We don’t have much but we have each other, our beautiful children and supportive family. Even after being together for years prior to our marriage, I am constantly learning about the “Husband Tyrone”. Here are seven things I have learned about my husband in our first seven months of marriage.

  1.     Tyrone loves being married and he tells someone new every day.
  2.     Tyrone really is bothered by my snoring
  3.     Tyrone leaves the bathroom light on ALL the time.
  4.     Tyrone likes when I pick out his clothing for him.
  5.     Tyrone likes to play word search games on my ipad when he’s bored.
  6.     Tyrone likes a cup of coffee often after dinner.
  7.     Tyrone still makes my heart skip a beat when he kisses me.

The Woes of Weight Loss

Ok ladies and gents. It’s time. Time for me to get on the ball and try to lose some weight. I got dressed this morning and had to put on a pair of jeans that just 5 months ago were too big. 6 months ago I lost 30 pounds for my wedding. I have since gained 15 of those pounds back. I guess I am full of love and full of food too! So, I figured that I had to have some type of motivation to just start my weight loss. Since my wedding motivated me to lose 30 I am hoping my anniversary will motivate me to lose 30 again. So here it is, 30 pounds in 5 months. MDWM readers please share your tips on jump- starting a weight loss challenge.

Friday Fave: Caramel

Ever since McDonald's came out with their new Chocolate Chip Frappe with the caramel drizzle, I have been obsessed with caramel. I have never really liked caramel in the past. I would eat it in candy but I've never had an ice cream sundae with caramel. I've never eaten it by itself or even eaten caramel chews. Now ever since this frappé has come out I've been wanting some all the time and now I've even purchase my first bottle of caramel syrup. I am putting it in every type of dessert I can find! Cookies, cakes, ice cream and anything else I an find. I know this sounds like a fat rant but I have an official new obsession. So, my Friday Fave thid week is Caramel! Yummy! 

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Are the Expectations of Today’s Wives and Moms Hindering Safe Driving?

Many wives and moms carry the expectation and the demand of having all the answers for out mates, children, employees, co-workers, relatives, friends, and much more. If you all are anything like me, you are always on the go and spend a great time in the car. Because the senders of the phone calls and text messages are unaware that you are driving they don’t stop when you do not answer. So what do you do? We all have the want and the need to drive safe for the sake of ourselves, passengers and road mates. We also want to handle our wife, mommy, and job duties efficiently and in a timely manner.


Here are the solutions that I have come up with for driving safe and handling your business.


  1. Do not answer the phone until you are parked somewhere. (I know easier said than done.)
  2. Put your phone on silent mode so that you are unaware that you are missing a phone call or text.
  3. Pullover and address the phone calls and text messages. Make sure that you are not on the highway and of course maintaining all traffic laws when doing this.
  4. Put your phone out of reach while driving to help with the temptation of answering the phone.
  5. Get into the habit of letting family, friends and co-workers know that you no longer talk on the phone or text while driving so that they are not alarmed when you don’t answer, cal back or respond right away.
  6. Arrive to destinations early so that you can call or text back the people you missed while driving.
  7. Use Bluetooth or other hands free devices to talk on the phone while driving. (Don’t do this if you do not have the will power to not text driving.)
  8. Stop carrying a phone. (YEAH RIGHT)
  9. Have a passenger answer the phone or text back. (Use this with extreme caution)
  10. Turn your phone off while driving. Just don’t forget to turn it back on.


That’s all the solutions I can give on this topic. What are your suggestions for wives and moms who want to driving safe while handling other priorities?

Therapeutic Tip Tuesday: Making A List and Check it Twice

Santa didn’t have a bad idea with the list making thing. With the busy life of being a wife, mother, career woman and jack of all trades things can seem to be overwhelming. In a current group therapy session I am conducting we are talking about being solution focused and making a list to make problems more manageable.

This brings me to this weeks therapeutic tip of making a list. Here are the 5 best tips for making lists to be therapeutic.

1. Make a master list of everything that you have to do and order them by importance and due date. Take that list and pick the top ten to focus on first. This makes the million tasks you have floating in your head more organized.

2. Keep the list with you at all times and check off each task that you complete. Add more items from your master list to your top ten list. Don’t go over the ten item limit. Checking off completed tasks will give a sense of accomplishment and success.

3. Make sure that your list are things that you can handle or control. This means that putting on the list to make sure your husband puts down the toilet seat is not acceptable.

4. Your list can be in any media form that works best for you. Your list can be on your phone, planner, iPod Touch, iPad, hand and the ancient but useful paper.

5. Make sure your work list and home list are separate. You can also separate your mom list from your wife list. But knowing you modern day wives and moms your lists will all together.

So here are your 5 therapeutic tips for list making.

Kisses and Wishes!

Don’t You Love Temper Tantrums?

On Friday, with Easter being only a couple of days away I had of course waited until the last minute to prepare. The kids and I went to one of my favorite places, Target to get the items that I needed to decorate the eggs. As soon as we walked into the store my son, Anthony, asked for popcorn from the in-store café. I told him no because we were eating dinner after we left the store. Nothing would calm him down. As I started to completely tune him out to quickly locate my three items and get the heck out of there I thought about this blog post. I also thought about the lessons I learned from his temper tantrum. I hope that by me informing you all that I will save a tantruming kid in the store in the future. Here are my five tips for in-store temper tantrums.

  1.     Don’t give in to the child’s request because the tantrum will become longer and gain in intensity the next shopping trip.
  2.    Actively ignore. Make sure the child’s basic needs are met though.
  3.    Don’t let them see you sweat! They can smell fear and if they know that you are angry, sad, upset or embarrassed they will play on you. The tantrum will only get worse.
  4.    If you have older children ask them to ignore the tantrum as well.
  5.    Remember that a tantrum can be a good way to save money because you are only going to buy the necessities and get out of there quickly.

So there it is 5 quick tips to tantrum survival. Let me know how it goes! Good Luck!