Are You Turkey Tired?








With the Thanksgiving celebrations now over are you still nibbling on turkey? Are you tired of eating that dreaded meal for the fourth day in a row? Well here are some meal variations for that leftover turkey.

1. Make turkey noodle soup – Perfect for the cold days ahead and it is a healthy meal too.

2. Turkey fried rice – Dice up the turkey and add rice, onion, egg and other fixins for a great treat. You can use your leftover ham as well.

3.  Turkey lunch – Put a turkey sandwich in your childs lunch for school.

4. Make a Turkey omlet – Dice up the turkey and make a tasty omlet for yourself or the hubby.

5. Turkey tacos – Just substitute the beef or chicken in your usual tacos for turkey (fried tukey is the best).

So now you have five meals instead of just 1. Enjoy!